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Considering that the event will be held in a region dedicated to wine, the session will be one of “education Basic Raicilla ”, making comparisons with grapes and wines to place the distillate in the same level of interest and complexity. Specific information will be given, which will be complemented with the Guided tasting experience, so that the audience has a better understanding of the characteristics unique to the drink. In addition, it will seek to emphasize the longevity of the agave, the production process artisan-ancestral and tradition, to sensitize attendees of the “real value” of the products that they will drink and thus have a better appreciation (sensory, emotional and price).

The importance of sustainability and fair trade in agave distillates will also be discussed, which are two highly criticized aspects in the category. Currently, buyers and consumers show greater interest in brands that work with environmental and social responsibility; and it is necessary to highlight the proposals of Raicilla La Reina in relation to these matters.

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Raicilla to taste


What to Expect

  • Master class Raicilla La Reina

     What is Raicilla?

    • The DO Raicilla: “la champagne del agave” (the most relevant data of the DO and similarities with DOs of wine)
    • The mestizo origin of agave distillates (pre-Hispanic, Asian and Spanish)
    • The “rebel sister” of Tequila (conservation of ancestral production and its Tequila differentiation)
    • Tips for tasting an agave distillate
    • DO Raicilla: Origin of the distillates of agave



    Tasting Raicilla 1 – Artisan white

    • Sensory characteristics of Raicilla 1 (practice: emphasis on agave aromas)
    • The “raicilleros” agaves (photo)
    • Characteristics of Agave (similarity of “Agave species” with “variety of grapes”)

    The aromas

    • Personal perceptions and chemistry
    • Aromatic complexity of agave distillates


    Raicilla 2 Tasting – Artisan White

    • Sensory characteristics of Raicilla 2 (practice: emphasis on process aromas)
    • Raicilla categories (raicilla, artisan raicilla and ancestral raicilla)
    • Artisanal and Ancestral Process (photos of the Queen)

Book A Private Tasting

  1. Evaluation of the sensory quality of a distillate
    (balance, expressiveness, complexity
    and persistence)
  2. Appreciation of the quality of the aromas
  3. Summary of the sensory characteristics found in a good agave distillate
  4. What is a “good agave distillate”? (quality product and the work there is behind in favor of the environment and the community)
  5. Why Raicilla La Reina is a “good raicilla”

Meet the Experts

Mabi Vásquez

Michael Dominguez

Luis Miguel Hernández

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